Camping Compromise is reached!


The County has incorporated our permitting idea into the current draft Plan.

Beginning in April, 2007 we offered the idea of camping by permit as an alternative to the proposed camping ban. After consulting with other campers, environmental groups and county staff, we are tentatively supporting the county plan to require a camping Permit for overnight activities.

** If you are skeptical about this compromise, please read our full plan to find practical solutions to the challenge of balancing public use with environmental protection.

Camping Update: (More Success!)
We have asked for clarification on several issues including the distinction between permits and licensing – and how that distinction affects the notion of a “first come / first serve” policy. We have asked about the viability of defining individual, permanent campsites – when the location of campsites are almost always determined by wind and weather conditions. Staff has contacted us about these issues and we are reaching agreement.

County staff has invited us to participate in the drafting of the specific camping rules. We will keep you posted as we stay involved in this process.

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Article: Camping Compromise is reached!

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