Hide & Seek Marsh Rabbit Challenge

marsh_rabbitOne of the rarely photographed animals on Shell Key is the illusive Marsh Rabbit.  Marsh rabbits are listed in the Shell Key Management Plan as a native inhabitant of the island – and yet, as a lifetime camper on the island, I have never personally seen one. So, I am issuing a challenge for all of our camping friends to photograph one of these wily little bunnies.

Marsh rabbits are active at night, which increases the difficulty of photographing one.  During the day, they hide in burrows or thickets.  You can find their bunny trails during the day by identifying their perfectly spherical droppings.  But to photograph one, you’ll need to wait until after sunset.

Marsh rabbits are excellent swimmers and will travel between the small mangrove islands around Shell Key just like raccoons.  Read more about this cool little local inhabitant.

Good luck to all the photo hunters!

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Article: Hide & Seek Marsh Rabbit Challenge
2 comments on “Hide & Seek Marsh Rabbit Challenge
  1. the other david says:

    i saw fresh pellets while visiting the island yesterday!

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