North End Channel Dredged

Update: 06/2015 – The north channel is completely closed and un-navigable.  Water is stagnant on the inside of the North End.

Update: 07/2013 – The small channel created by this Spring’s dredging has already been filled back in by the prevailing currents in the area. It has been suggested that the rip-rap installed on the development project on the east side of the channel has stunted the natural migration of this channel.

Regular visitors to the north end of Shell Key have noticed that the narrow passage leading to the inside of the island has been gradually closing over the past few years.    Volunteers reported to Shellkey.og that this channel has been recently dredged to open access to the docking facility at the new development adjacent to the northern tip of the island.   Like all barrier islands, Shell Key is evolving and maturing. While fighting mother nature is generally a futile endeavor, day visitors on the north end will benefit from the newly cleared passage – until such time as mother nature fills it in again.

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Questions and Comments:

Article: North End Channel Dredged
4 comments on “North End Channel Dredged
  1. Dale M says:

    Is it recommendable to wade across the North End Channel? Or is this something that should be avoided? My wife and I have 2 small children, so consider the fact that 2 of us will have to be carried.

    • Jack Coletti says:


      The north end is now connected to the mainland – so there would be no wading necessary. However, you are not officially allowed to access the island from the new land bridge and the area is blocked with a fence (which you can easily walk around).

  2. Mark says:

    Where is the best place to put in with a kayak? Is there any place to Putin on the north side of Shell Key or do we have to put in at Ft Desoto?

    Thank you

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