In Case of Emergency on Shell Key

A friend recently told a harrowing tale about a medical emergency on Shell Key.  The rumor making its way down the beach was that a man had experienced a cardiac arrest at the north end of the island.  Later, it was clarified that the

North End Channel Dredged

Update: 06/2015 – The north channel is completely closed and un-navigable.  Water is stagnant on the inside of the North End. Update: 07/2013 – The small channel created by this Spring’s dredging has already been filled back in by the prevailing

Navigating A Boat Around Shell Key

Learn how to navigate safely around Shell Key Florida. Boating in Shell Key Preserve is carefully regulated to protect sea beds and marine estuaries. Please observe all posted boundaries and no-wake zones… Before you go: The north and south ends of

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